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The American Hunting Basset Association began as the Basset Division of the American Rabbit Hound Association and remained with ARHA until March 2001.  The competition is controlled by the AHBA Board of Directors, under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Kevin Biery.

On February 10, 1990, the first two Bassets were entered in ARHA competition.  They ran against Beagles in this hunt.  There were 17 hounds entered in this competition and the bassets finished third and fourth.  There was also a Basset name JRK Bunny Troubles that ran, and place in the 1990 AHRA Big Pack World Hunt.  After these two events it was decided that bassets must have their own division.  The three people who were the most instrumental in starting the Basset Division were from Oklahoma, JoAnn Lawrence, Rita and Jacob James.  They held the first Basset World Hunt in Golden, Oklahoma, December 11, 1993.  There were 13 Bassets entered in this hunt. The AHBA has grown exponentially since.

AHBA Officers

Leadership of the Board:   John Wlodyga
Vice Chairman: John Wlodyga
Secretary: Miriam Tefts
Treasurer: Dee Barringer
Member At-Large: Austin Biery


AHBA Committees Chairman

Chairman of Rules Committee: Mike Tefts
Chairman of Hall of Fame: Jim Spinelli
Chairman of Watchdog Committee: Eric Hewitt
Chairman of Public Relations Committee:
Chairman of Registry:
Web Master:

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