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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the objectives of the AHBA?

A: There are two major objectives of this association; 1) bring the Basset breed back as a viable rabbit hunting hound through hunting and bench show competition and sound breeding practices and 2) have great family fun with friends who have the same love for Bassets that we have.

Q: How does a person join AHBA?

A: There are two types of membership annual at $10. and day of trial at $1. Annual membership provides the added benefit of being able to track your hounds progress on-line and access a members only forum, which is a great way to provide constructive input into the running of the AHBA. One can register at one of the local events for either type of membership.

Q: Does a Basset have to be AKC registered to participate in AHBA competition?

A: The Basset does not have to be AKC registered to register with the ABHA.  It can be registered with the AHBA in one of two ways: 1) the basset may be checked by a Breed Inspector at any AHBA trial event and the registration done at that time, or 2) a person may send a picture of the basset to AHBA with the $10.00 registration fee and the printable registration form found on this website (See Registration Forms on side panel) completed by mail. Or click here

Q: My Basset is neutered.  Is it allowed to compete in the hunts and bench shows?

A: Yes

Q: Whom do I contact to find out more about AHBA?

A: Click on the State Representatives or Clubs links under the AHBA in my state menu for contact numbers.  All the contacts are anxious to talk to you!

Q: If our children become interested in AHBA events are they allowed to attend?

A: Absolutely yes.  We are family oriented and we love to have the kids running around enjoying themselves.  We do not allow alcohol use during the events and we ask all who attend to refrain from the use of profanity.

Q: Are women involved in AHBA events?

A: Absolutely yes.  Approximately 15% to 20% of our participants are women who own their own Bassets.

Q: Are spectator´┐Żs allowed at AHBA events

A: Spectators are allowed in the field at a hunt after signing a liability waiver

Q: Do I have to join an AHBA club to participate in AHBA events?

A: No, but we do encourage people to join AHBA clubs to help with decision-making and to help support these clubs.

Q: Does the AHBA have an official publication to provide information to the Basset owners?

A Yes.  The Rabbit Hunter Magazine is the official publication of the AHBA. For subscription information call C & H Publishing at 1-800-851-7507 or e-mail In addition, the association periodically sends out a no cost newsletter (signup on our home page).

Note:  We have children as young as eight years of age, to adults who are in the mid-eighties competing their bassets.  When someone needs assistance with catching a hound, leading a hound or handling it during competition, there is always someone there to help.


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