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Hall of Fame - Hounds

  • Sweet N Sassy Sadie, Owner Jim and Melissa Spinelli
  • Bailey Rae Huntin All Day, Owner Jim and Melissa Spinelli
  • Tib-Bar Kurli, Owner Dean Wickwire
  • Mordakai, Owner Dee Barringer and Dave Barringer
  • Dixie, Owner William Layton
  • Bishop's Vivian June, Owner Tracey Hewitt & Eric Hewitt
  • Mister Buster, Owner Adam Brown & Rebecca Brown
  • Schotzie, Owner Robert Rohrbach
  • Mundell's Hannah, Ownder Robert Rohrbach
  • Droop, Owner Wade Hunt
  • Gotter Did, Owner Ben Marley
  • BBB Parkers Uncle Jessie, Owner Triple B Kennels
  • FR Butch's Bender, Owner Eric Figg
  • Backroads Sonny, Owner Gary Hogle Jr.
  • Sangamo Blue Flash, Owner Nancy Conway
  • Brians Bunny Bomber, Owner Brian and Tim Schneck
  • Backroads Parkers Lighting Luke, Owner Chris Parker
  • Butternuts Hercules, Owner Bassets of Butternut
  • RG's Burshpile Buddy, Owner Richard Gibson
  • Chippewa Lake ET's Bubba, Owner Triple B Kennels
  • Roderick's Buckshot Boone, Owner Rod Place
  • Anapee Huckleberry Owner Wade Hunt
  • Concord's Butternut Boozer, Owner Bassets of Butternut
  • Concord's Izla A-Bomb, Owner Bill Ehle
  • Leo the Rabbit Killer, Owner Ben Marley
  • J&S Hannah Belle, Owner Triple B Kennels
  • J&S Rosie T Basset, Owner J&S Bassets
  • JW's Home Girl Emma, Owner Triple B Kennels and J&J Bassets
  • Concord’s Baxter, Owner Jay Lemens
  • J&S Linn County Mac, Owner J&S Bassets
  • Sregor’s Hannah Mae, Owner J&S Bassets
  • Buster of Butternut, Owner Bassets of Butternut
  • Redneck’s Nuk-Um’s Shortcake, Owner Scott Ehle
  • Wickwire’s Critter, Owner Dean Wickwire
  • Wickwire’s Y Lee Coyote, Owner Dean Wickwire
  • Sangamo Paddington Bear, Owner Nancy Conway
  • Bryce’s Butch of Butternut, Owner Bassets of Butternut
  • Hillbilly Little Sister, Owner J & J Kennel
  • GrBch GrRch Et's Grave Digger, Owner Ron Hunt
  • Backroads Toby, Owner Dan Wells
  • Roderick’s Gabby, Owner Mickie Pearson
  • King’s Let’s Have a Chase, Owner Darrell & Vickie Woods
  • Roderick’s Valparaiso Flash, Owner Rod Place
  • Buck’s Magnum Spanky, Owner Kevin P. Biery
  • Apple Country Mocha, Owner James & Melissa Phelps
  • JRK Ernest T. Basset, Owner Jim Kuiper
  • Roderick’s Lazy Bones, Owner Rod Place
  • Roderick’s Amazing Grace, Owner Deana Eltringham
  • Roderick’s Linda, Owner Gerald Bailey
  • Sangamo Blue Flash, Owner Nancy Conway
  • Chloe Chastaine Duran, Owner Larry and Kim Sutterfield
  • Concord’s Shania, Owner Nathan Hellebusch
  • Spanky’s Magnum Buck, Owner Jim Stinnett
  • Twin Ponds Sivada, Owner Dan Wells
  • Apple Country Chelsea Blue, Owner John Meahl
  • Shott’s Little Rabbit Hammer, Owner Shawn Shott
  • JRK Little Skunk, Owner James Ranch Kennel
  • Bar J Magnum, Owner Deana Eltringham
  • Crackerjack Roderick’s Texas, Owner Rod Place
  • JRK Mr. Sandman, Owner James Ranch Kennel
  • Wickwire’s Cinnamon Candy, Owner Dean Wickwire
  • Etzwiler’s Deputy Daniel, Owner Kenneth Etzwiler
  • JRK Roderick’s Bruno, Owner Rod Place
  • Roderick’s Big Bertha, Owner Rod Place
  • Spanky’s Honey Pie, Owner Frank Blockston, JR
  • Blockston’s Spanky XXVII, Owner Frank Blockston, Jr
  • Etzwiler’s Jessie Lee, Owner Kenneth Etzwiler
  • JRK Bunny Troubles, Owner James Ranch Kennel

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